Sustainability is driving new demands and expectations in today’s business world. Strategic and forward thinking business leaders are attuned to this, and are employing comprehensive and innovative methods in achieving and exceeding industry expectations.

The real estate industry is embracing sustainability. Better performing buildings are a must in today’s competitive real estate market whether they are new, refurbished or reinstated buildings. When it comes to a high performing building, three key pieces dictate success – construct, operate and occupy.

Engaging a team in an ‘Integrative Process’ is the most effective way to achieve this.

Integrative process is an approach to building that seeks to achieve high performance on a wide variety of well-defined environmental and social goals while staying within budgetary and scheduling constraints. It relies upon a multidisciplinary and collaborative teams whose members make decisions together based on a shared vision and a holistic understanding of the project. It follows the design through the entire project life, from pre-design through occupancy and into operation.