James Pack

james-packJames Pack BREEAM AP | LEED GA | Managing Director

James has worked in corporate real estate, construction and sustainability sectors of the built environment for almost 20 years.

In 2001 James co-founded the fit-out and refurbishment main contractor Skansen. It was at Skansen where James devised and led a research programme into codifying environmental good practice specifically for the fit out and refurbishment sector. This programme was developed into an assessment method and which James christened ‘Ska Rating‘. In 2009 James assigned Ska Rating over the RICS who continue to this day to provide Quality Assurance and training to support the scheme. James continues to advise RICS on Ska Rating. There are now over 300 Accredited Ska Rating Assessor, and almost 500 projects have been certified in the UK (2009/2014). James and Ska Rating

In 2012 James founded Sentinel Carbon & Sustainability Consultancy to specifically focus on the Corporate Workplace, Commercial Refurbishment and Retro-Fit Sector . With his background in both corporate real estate and construction James is able to articulate the benefits of various environmental approaches to clients, their advisors and delivery teams alike. This ensures projects are delivered on the basis of the best realistic outcome within the available budgets.

James also chairs CoreNet Global UK’s Sustainability Community.

James lives in Hampshire with his wife and 3 children.