Buildings are designed for people to work in. The ‘Human Capital’ is for most organisations one of their greatest expenditure items.

Sustainability for many focuses on the economic and environmental benefits of ‘green’ building agenda’. The wealth of data being generated on impact of the working environment on productivity is very hard to ignore! The healthier the workspace the more productive it is likely to be. We therefore support our clients throughout project life-cycle from design into occupation.

Social engagement with staff is essential to the success of any planned Environmental Approach whether establishing the effectiveness of a workplace, in terms of hard and soft environmental conditions, or to encouraging behavioural change as part of a Carbon Reduction programme.

Social or Employee engagement inspires, drives productivity and increases profitability, alowing organisation to value worplaces as assets aswell as a cost. We integrate social engagement as part an effective sustainability strategy.

Sentinel works with some of the leading real estate industry’s workplace consultancies in the world to provide bespoke surveys and studies that evaluate, audit and map Social, Environmental & Economic factors. The feedback is then used firstly to inform the scope of the project or change required, and secondly to assess success on completion.

Please see Pre-Project Occupational Evaluations (Pre-POEs) to see how we integrate Social Engagement into the Sustaianbility process.